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Customized products


High pressure pump involves many fields.Customized high-pressure pump,Will meet your high - pressure pump more requirements.

A reliable and durable finished product


The company has abundant technical resources, a number of foreign high pressure pump supporting enterprises to maintain a good perennial relationship, to ensure the quality of high pressure pump.

Professional and timely after-sales service


Professional and timely after-sales service will become the guarantee of high pressure pump products, so that you can rest assured that the use of high pressure pump.

About us

The company adhering to the aggressive development strategy, has been close to the market, and gradually developed into a high pressure fluid power equipment independent research and development, production, manufacturing, supporting a full range of enterprises. Shuangyao tianjin high pressure pump products include: high pressure pump, high pressure plunger pump, high pressure cleaning machine, three plunger high pressure pump, pipe sprinkler head, dredge sprinkler head, pipe cleaning sprinkler head, high pressure sprinkler head, fire pump, high pressure cleaning special vehicle supporting equipment. Now, we have a mature market research team, independent product research and development concept, professional design and manufacturing technology to enable the company's products according to the specific requirements of customers timely adjust the design plan, fully meet the needs of different customers. In recent years, our company has introduced the concept of flexible manufacturing, which makes the manufacturing cost effectively controlled under the premise of ensuring product quality. In addition, our company has abundant domestic and foreign technical resources, and a number of products supporting enterprises to maintain a good perennial cooperation. All these guarantee the quality of our products. The industry has a good reputation for many years. "Customized" product design, reliable and durable finished products, professional and timely after-sales service. Is the company from the beginning to today adhere to the "three basic concepts". The company has a complete industrial chain, products involved in municipal sanitation, textiles, environmental protection, metallurgy, aviation, mining, infrastructure construction and other fields. At home with a large number of customers and good product reputation, we continue to forge ahead and actively develop overseas markets. Please join hands with me! Create the "Chinese dream" of high pressure fluid power equipment industry.

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